I finally got to meet & hang out with BDR/Jitters during the BroNEcast 18+ Panel tonight. And omg-words…um…x3 He was just so fun to hang out with! I was proud of myself for not completely fangirling out on him and being kewl. On my way out of the hotel I bumped into him one last time and he asked ME for a hug. I had asked him the last two times we hugged so I felt very special to be asked.

Anywho, this is a picture I took of him at the panel with some awesome chest hairs I drew on him. XD Jitters y u so sexeh??

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    Art fades. Memories don’t. :D *hugs you both*
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    Your art on my back faded over night as well. At least we managed to snag some photos.
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    Oh look it’s a Hisa! Oh look Jitters with most of his shirt open… HNNNNNNNG
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    My chest hairs faded over night ;n;
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  7. laugh-track said: It was a crazy panel if you can even call it that. XD