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It begins <3

Anonymous asked: Return the slaaaaaab...


I got this ask at like 3am last night and I was very frightened

My baby has never looked so kawaii, omg. I thought “let’s give her a bandana around her neck” and now I’m dying.

Also, quick question…if I decided to go ahead and try to remake my “Ask Pixel Heart” tumblr how many of you would follow? I’m thinking of making her go on adventures in videogames etc.

I think I’m done with the Kill la Kill ponies for now guys. I’m going to start thinking up other ideas for merchandise to sell etc. since I don’t have any commissions at the moment…



Kilala Princess is an incredible manga about a girl who finds herself in the worlds of the Disney Princesses, in a fun Disney twist to the ‘Magical Girl’ genre.

Read the entire series for free below!

 Has anyone except me read this? o.O

I love this series.

omg <333333

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this was tagged with my irl first name… ._.

*dies wanting cheese*


Last night’s episode really choked me up.

another reason to laugh at this episode.


get the fuck out

askrobstallion asked: Do you feel that Kill la Kill should get like a sequel or should just be a standalone anime?


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